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Data Scientist

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We are looking for a new colleague to join our team of eight in Brno, who has hands-on experience with data analysis in Python and has the desire to actively participate in the development of our Zoe.ai platform. If you don't currently live in Brno, we will allow you to work remotely.

Zoe.ai is a platform focused on online user behavior data collection and evaluation these using machine and deep learning algorithms. The product uses the latest technologies in the field of continuous stream processing, and machine learning algorithms in the field of data interpretation in near real-time. Thanks to modern technology, Zoe.ai is able, for example, serve individual product recommendations tailored to a specific user in an e-shop environment or support fast automated decisions on whether a bank will provide a loan or not.

Job description

As a Data Scientist you will:

  • Perform exploratory data analysis to look for hidden characteristics and trends, including pre-processing and looking for inconsistencies.
  • Develop and test hypotheses as well as conduct experiments on large amounts of structured and unstructured data.
  • Apply statistical methods and machine learning algorithms to specific business problems and data.
  • Explore new opportunities and technologies to help us get the best possible predictions.
  • Optimize algorithms to get the best results.
  • Collaborate with data engineers to design a scalable end-to-end machine learning pipeline (from data collection design to model testing in production).
  • Present results to us and our customers.
  • As part of a team involved in product development, you will work with open-source technologies, frameworks and libraries for machine and deep learning such as Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, and many more.

What do we expect from you?

  • Hands-on experience with data analysis and data modeling in Python.
  • Conceptual knowledge of machine (or deep) learning algorithms and statistics.
  • Ability to visualize data and present analysis results.
  • Willingness to follow trends and experiment with new machine learning algorithms.
  • At least a basic understanding of web application environments and general programming principles.


  • You are no stranger to concepts such as collaborative filtering, factorization matrices, neural networks, word2vec, XGBoost.
  • Basic knowledge of git, docker, linux.

What will make you happy with us?

🍀 Company culture #live_lunde - find out how our colleagues perceive life at Lunde here.

⌛ Flexi working hours and working in the spirit of #remoteFirst - we encourage working from anywhere.

🐕 Pet-friendly office a stone's throw from Karlín [read: Invalidovna].

🛋️ Are you more comfortable working from home? We can agree on that too, especially nowadays Home Office is the daily routine for most of us.

📚 Personal development - we'll be happy to send you to a conference, training or workshop that will interest you and take you a step further.

🇬🇧 English courses - group and individual.

🍻 Jerry's contribution to joint activities with colleagues - we strengthen team spirit.

🏃 Multisport card benefits, as well as company sports challenges.

🖖 Teambuilding, joint breakfasts and other events of our Lunde community.

⚖️ We value agile culture and openness. We can promise you to work in a team where everyone has an equal say and every good idea is heard.

Are you interested?
Take the first step!

Send us your CV or LinkedIn link and write a few lines about yourself.
We'll go over everything, make a call and agree on the next steps.


Aguan s.r.o.Kaprova 42/14110 00 PrahaČeská republikaIČ: 24173681+420 222 253 015info@lundegaard.eu


Lundegaard a.s.Futurama Business ParkSokolovská 651/136a186 00 Praha 8 - KarlínČeská republikaIČ: 25687221+420 222 253 015info@lundegaard.eu


Lundegaard a.s.Ponávka Business CentreŠkrobárenská 502/1617 00 Brno - jihČeská republikaIČ: 25687221+420 222 253 025info@lundegaard.eu

Hradec Králové

Lundegaard a.s.Velké náměstí 1/3500 03 Hradec KrálovéČeská republikaIČ: 25687221+420 222 253 015office.hradec-kralove@lundegaard.eu

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