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Deep recommendation

Based on self-learning, AI models evaluate how visitors behave on the page and we can deliver personalized products for each visitor in real-time.

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How to start with Deep recommendation?

Create an account

Create account

The registration process is simple and easy, after filling in basic information, the account will be created.

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Provide an item catalog

Provide an item catalog

Your users will receive recommended items picked from the catalog managed via our items API.

See description of Items API

Record user interactions

Record user interactions

Install JavaScript tracker to your application with a simple code snippet and start collecting users' behavior. Provide item feed through API.

Get started with S-Analytics.js

Serve recommended items

Serve recommended items

Fetch individual recommendations on the fly through Zoe.ai REST API.
You control how the fetched results are presented to the user in your application.

Use Recommendation API

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